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Weekday Breakfasts: 8 to 11 Sunday to Thursday
Chicken Caesar   Dhs 20
Lean fresh chicken breast, crunchy home made granary croutons, grilled turkey bacon and parmesan shavings on a bed of romaine lettuce with garlic and anchovy dressing 
Bircher muesli   Dhs 15
Wholemeal rolled oats and pumpkin seeds soaked overnight in apple juice mixed with low fat yoghurt. Then we mix in some berry nice berries. No added sugar, flavourings or preservatives.  
The Big Breakfast   Dhs 75
Eggs, turkey bacon, sausage, grilled tomato, mushrooms, loads of toast and bottomless tea or coffee
Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon   Dhs 25
Free range organic scrambled eggs with Norwegian smoked salmon on a wholemeal chunk of toast.
Breakfast yoghurt combo   Dhs 16
Fresh berries smothered in creamy low fat yoghurt topped with natural muesli
Homemade lemonade (plain, basil, strawberry)   Dhs 12
Freshly squeezed orange juice    Dhs 10
Organic apple juice    Dhs 10
Fairtrade Coffee   Dhs 15
Lunch: Today's Sandwiches
Low cal egg mayo   Dhs 12
Simple and delicious!
Cream cheese and tomato with a twist of lemon   Dhs 16
Soft creamed cheese, freshly sliced tomato with a twist of lemon.
Chicken mayo salad   Dhs 16
Chicken breast in a low calorie mayo, nestled in a fresh bed of salad greens.
Dante deluxe chicken caesar   Dhs 24
Slow poached sliced chicken breast and turkey bacon layered in a traditional Caesar salad. It Romaine's the Best! 
Turkey ham and cheese   Dhs 18
Turkey ham, mild English mustard and cheddar cheese. NO MAYO 
Dante deluxe club   Dhs 25
Slow poached sliced chicken breast, lean "butterball" turkey bacon, light wholegrain mustard, soft boiled egg, mixed salad leaves and Thousand Island dressing tiered between three slices of granary. World Famous! 
Tuna low cal mayo and sweet corn   Dhs 16
Chunky tuna (in brine)with old fashioned creamed sweetcorn on wholemeal - rich in Omega-3. 
Lunch: More Sandwiches
Dante deluxe Norwegian smoked salmon   Dhs 24
A lightly smoked premium salmon with cream cheese infused with finely chopped chives. The perfect marriage! 
Tuna and cheddar cheese melt (No mayo)   Dhs 18
Packed with chunks of tuna and slices of delicious cheddar cheese. Best served toasted! 
Mozzarella, pesto & roast tomato panini   Dhs 18
The Italian Job. Great hot or cold! 
Tangy cheese melt   Dhs 18
Emmental, mozzarella and herbed gouda in a tangy tomato relish. Best served toasted. 
Roast beef bloomer   Dhs 18
Medium-rare roast beef with a cucumber and horseradish dressing. 
Chicken Caesar wrap   Dhs 18
All you expect but all wrapped up! 
Mediterranean summer vegetable wrap   Dhs 16
Sweet roasted mediterranean summer vegetable in a soft spinach wrap. 
Coronation chicken salad wrap   Dhs 18
An all-time colonial classic of slow poached sliced chicken breast, fresh fruit and old fashioned mild curry spices. 
Chicken teriyaki wrap   Dhs 18
Fresh chicken breast strips marinated in ginger and sweet soy teriyaki garnished with thick cut cucumber and spring onion. 
New York deli bagel   Dhs 18
NYC style bagel with Swiss and American cheeses, turkey breast ham, pastrami, romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes and low calorie mayo. 
100% organic burger   Dhs 35
100% organic free range, lean minced beef burger served on a granary bun with all the trimmings and a bowl of veggie crisps on the side.
Lunch: Today's Salads
Chicken fatoush salad   Dhs 20
Tumeric-spiced fresh chicken skewers, crunchy salad greens, chopped tomatoes, crisped pita chips and pomegranate dressing. 
Chicken Caesar   Dhs 20
Lean fresh chicken breast, crunchy home made granary croutons, grilled turkey bacon and parmesan shavings on a bed of romaine lettuce with garlic and anchovy dressing 
Chickpea and tuna salad   Dhs 20
Chunky white meat tuna, whole chickpeas, onion, garlic, yoghurt and fresh coriander dressing 
Spinach leaves, shaved parmessan & beetroot salad   Dhs
Served with sweet balsamic and mustard vinaigrette. 
Salmon fillets   Dhs 35
Each day we cook a delicious Scottish Salmon fillet a different way offering it with any of our salads for Dhs. 35. Buy one for lunch and take one home for dinner! (Delivery available within the Green Community upon request)


Friday Brunch
From 10 to 2: delicious breakfasty things including eggs Benedict, Scottish pancakes & Bircher muesli. 

Express Lunch
A soup, salad or sandwich & drink for Dhs 35.


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